The purpose with Team Addison is to spread awareness about Addison’s disease in Sweden and global. Our mission is to reach out with information and knowledge to increase the knowledge in healthcare to save lifes. We continue our journey and need help and sponsors to continue.
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The original founder and creative engine behind Swedish Addison Association, Martin Norrman would never stop spreading awareness and crucial information about Addison’s disease. Martin is a very active person and has been working out in various ways throughout his life. The last four years he also wants to inspire those with chronic diseases to be active and find suitable exercise. Martin Norrman sought to combine business with pleasure, that’s how he created Team Addison.

For many years, Martin was jogging to keep fit, but during the last four years it has more or less turned into a biking experience. He started to design biking clothing, cycling kits to spread the name and advertise for the Swedish Addison association. Martin’s motto is; as long as we’re seen, we exist. Lately his clothing design has expanded into gym’s and biking race outfits.

If you would like to order your own Addison biking outfits, please contact Martin Norrman here.

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