Some info before the release of our documentary

A little background about our upcoming documentary!

A documentary has been a dream for me (Martin Norrman) since the day i founded the Swedish Addison association over ten years ago. I´ve never stopped believe in making a film and when I and Martin Wallgren became very good friends we started to cooperate together. Mr Wallgren is a fabulous filmmaker and photographer and therefor we could combine a dream with pleasure and camera practice.

The film is first and foremost made to make Addison’s disease more famous globally. It’s a life story from a person’s life and therefore you can not compare this story. Every fate is unique.

We have tried to highlight common symptoms to raise awareness about the diagnosis.

The film is recorded in the highest quality by Martin Wallgren and we hope and believe that many want to share and spread the film. It’s a unique opportunity to go together to make Addison’s disease known, once and for all.

The film is spoken with an English voice but it’s translated to the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Japanese, English and Italian.

On sunday at 18:00 cet we will post links on our facebook pages that you can click on and watch the movie. It will then be displayed on VIMEO where the subtitle is also available (cc).

To celebrate the release, we will open a webshop and sell the same custom made bicycle clothing we use in the documentary. It is open from Monday through

A year with hard work is over for us.

Martin Norrman
Martin Wallgren