Thanks to all who´ve seen our documentary!!

We also like to thank all who have made donations and are very happy for those, so we can continue our work to spread awareness. The film has been played over 6000 times and more than 80 countries at this point. We got very much feedback and most of it is positive 🙂

As you know, the film is made to make Addisons disease more known and nothing else. Many associations and Addison groups around have shared our film and then we know that they want to help their members in the best way. Many have not shared it or want to, we wonder why? The film is a perfect tool to show at event, get good diskussions, show healthy people a destiny and so on… Ask or check if your association or Addison group have shared the film. The more it is shown, the more awareness.

Some people have also made some donations and we´re VERY grateful for that. It makes us continue our work to make our disease more known.