Cycling for Life [movie] is a non-profit, long-term charity film project with purpose to raise global awareness about Addison’s disease; a rare medical condition that is life threatening if not diagnosed properly. Title role in the documentary is Martin Norrman, a swedish guy who struggled with severe weakness and fatigue for three years before suddenly going into coma for four days. Martin Norrman is not alone with this kind of nightmare of calling for help with undiagnosed Addison’s disease. Not everyone would get help in the last minute.

“Cycling for Life is about falling apart and waking up to a wasteland of uncertainty, as much as it is a breathtaking journey through rural scenery on two wheels, about a man and his bike, adrenaline rush and finding passion in life. It is a film about finding balance.”

Right there on the sickbed, Martin Norrman decided that no one should have to feel so alone again that he did, waking up from the coma, wide awake and conscious but uncertain about his future. Martin then founded Swedish Addison Association to help others. 

For further information about the project, collaboration and sponsorship etc. please contact Martin Wallgren, Director of Photography.