Niklas Petri – A life i care about

Finally! The music video for Niklas Petri’s song ’A Life I Care About’ is ready to see the light!
It’s been the most creative months ever and also my first ever attempt at directing a music video.
Many of you know this is for a very important cause and global awareness is the goal for all our projects.
So please do us a huge favor and share this on all social media! You are making a big difference if you will…

Most parts of the music video we shot with the Panasonic GH4 and a DIY vintage anamorphic lens setup.
Here are some pics from behind the scenes. We had an awesome time shooting this, it’s a pleasure working with truly creative and likeminded people.
I directed, filmed and edited this with Niklas Petri and Martin Norrman, no other crew. We worked on this solely on spare time and weekends from December 2015 up until release.
Please share and help us spread the word! Thanks a million.