How can we be stronger?

First of all, to make something more known you need to be seen. We need to be more known to increase the knowledge of Addison’s disease. Our biggest problem is that it is a rare disease. That makes it difficult to reach out awareness. The only way is if we all help each other. To share things on Facebook, Instagram and so on. Many think it´s to much work to share but its up to every individual if they want to help.

Team Addison need to be seen so we can make a difference for our disease. To build a something, you need help, support and donations. We´re not unique and need help to build so we can create more projects.

Our dream is to make a second documentary from a persons every day life with Addison’s disease. What happen when the person get an crisis and what does it mean? How do we want to be treated when we reach hospital and so on… The documentary would be perfect for doctors and hospitals to use for education. We´ve SO many ideas but we need donations to create. We do everything non-profit as persons but we need help to create for your safety. It can also be companies that donate and we´ll show their support through showing their logo in our projects.

Its up to every individual if they think this is important or not. Its not dangerous to ask your boss, a company or donate. We can only be strong together.

For help and donations :