Future – The wind is gone

Team Addison requires a lot of work (every day) to stay strong and active to spread awareness for Addison’s disease globally. When we need sponsors or donations to keep on building the Team it all stops. We can´t build anything from zero. Our mission is to work to make the disease more known to increase the knowledge in health care to get right treatment in time globally. When the interest to help us or support us is 0 I see no reason to continue.

This project demands a lot of time non profit. I can now take it more easy and hope that someone keep in touch and offer some help. We´re all humans and so am I.

I´ve love this every day since I founded Team Addison but without help or support, I see no reason to over work for no reason. Our disease is to unusual to get anyone to care, more than ourselves with the disease.

We´ve tried to reach television with our documentary – no success
I´ve sent hundreds of emails to get companies to sponsor us – no success
We´ve tried to get donations through our social media – no success

I would like to thank all sponsor who helped us through the years. You´ve made the Team possible. Without you, it would have been impossible.

I would like to thank all people who bought our products and clothing and helped us to spread awareness to make Addison’s disease more known!

I would like to thank all reporters who interviewed us so we could reach more with awareness.

I would like to thank Martin Wallgren who made my dream come true, with a documentary that has been seen globally.

If anyone read this and can make a change.. keep in touch..

Martin Norrman
Founder of Team Addison Globally