Can you help?

To spread awareness and taking care of Team Addison takes ALOT of time and energy. As you know, its for one reason and that is to make Addison’s disease more known. If we don´t do it, the awareness will probably stop.

Last week was we seen in two newspapers and radio. We´ve had a lot of interviews globally earlier and we don’t know how many who had learned about our disease through our awareness but its MANY. Our documentary ”The Last Remaining Light” have been seen in 200 countries….

Without all companies who supported us through the years we would never build or be seen. They are the bricks of Team Addison!!!

To find sponsors is VERY hard. I must contact every company, explain our purpose and ask. Our disease is rare so 99% say no, they don’t know about the disease or don’t know anyone who has it and don’t see any reason to help, so this is a never ending job. For us, 1 person of 100 000 is VERY important. We care and and demand that the knowledge will increase in health care. Every life is important!!

I must ask you for help. Can you ask your boss, friend or any company if they want to help us with sponsring? We need to continue building to make a change. If we´re seen we exists.

If we don’t are seen, we don’t exists and the knowledge, information, treatment will disappear slowly. Many want the best of care and demand information but are welcome to help! We must help each other.

Do you want to help me?

When you found a company that care, please send an email to martin at

All donations are welcome via Paypal.