Addison Triathlon

3rd of august will we arrange our race Addison Triathlon. The purpose is to spread awareness and make Addison’s disease more known. Many will compete or read about the event in magazines and media.


Nordic Wellness, Munkedal
Hairmoni Haircare, Munkedal
Oscarssons Åkeri
Ryrmalms Fastigheter
Original Teamwear
Salong Camilla, Munkedal
AB Karl Hedin, Munkedal
New Wave Outlet
ICA Nära, Dingle
Jimmies handelsträdgård
Scandic Hotel
In cooperation with Bokenäs Triathlon!

We believe in being seen! If we´re seen, we exists! In that way can we increase the knowledge in society and health care. We want to increase the knowledge to get right treatment and save lives. A common number of how many that have Addisons is 1 of 100 000. Those lives are equal important as anyone, that is what we´re fighting for. We also want to show that persons with the disease can and need to be active to feel better.

We want to grow and make SOOO much more. We´ve big difficulties with growing and the reason is easy.. Our disease is rare! We need sponsors, sponsors and SPONSORS! All donations is MORE than welcome.

We´re so happy that we´ve followers at our Facebook page from all over the world! We´ve sent a lot of Team Addison clothing to USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Great Britain and many more countries. We´re so glad when we get pictures from all kind of different continents and environments.

We´ll show a lot of pictures from our event this saturday at our Facebook page and maybe broadcast LIVE. It will start 9.30 CET.

Martin Norrman